27 July 2014

July Happenings

 David lost his two bottom front teeth!  He pulled out his first tooth last week and the other tooth came out on Friday.  
 The tooth fairy gave him a $5 bill the first time and 2 $1 coins the second time.
 David's new smile.  His new teeth started growing before his teeth fell out so he had "shark teeth."  
 The kids visited Fast Lanes for the first time.  They had so much fun bowling for the first time and playing games.
Kayla had another cardiology visit.  She was 12.6 kg, 96.5 cm, 93 pulse ox, 80 HR, 24 RR.  The doctor took her off the Lasix medication.  She is still on baby aspirin, warfarin, captopril, and digoxin.  The doctor thinks we'll be able to take her off warfarin and digoxin in 6 months.  
Kayla got a cute little bunny in the mail that has a zipper scar.  It was made by Booboo Buddies on Facebook.  
 Our favorite neighbors moved away :(  We're going to miss these girls.

07 July 2014

July 4th

We had a great time on the 4th.  The kids were so excited about staying up late to see fireworks.  This was the first time that we've done fireworks.  It was so fun to watch them see all the different things.  The snappers/pop its were a big hit.