27 May 2014

Half Years

Looks like I forgot to update the blog with the kids' half year birthday stats!
So here it is.

David - Age 5.5

David is growing to be a really sweet and smart boy.  We have started giving him more chores around the house.  He has to help with laundry more.  I make him fold all of his own clothes now and put it away.  He has to make his bed.  He has to put away his dishes after he eats and clean the table.

He enjoys swimming class and finally moved up to Preschool 4 in this last session.  He loves it a lot more now they're in the water the whole time.  I've seen a lot of improvement in his swimming, but he still needs some help.  He has difficulties paying attention to the instructor and likes to do his own thing.

He is still enjoying the same things at school.  He likes math, geography, and science.  He is starting to read a little bit.  He can write all his letters and knows the sounds they make.  We decided to keep him in the same Montessori school instead of going to kindergarten in public school.

Height 44.5"
Weight 41 lbs
Shirt Size 4/5, 5T, 5,  and sometimes 6 if it's short sleeve.
Pants Size 4/5, 5T
Shorts Size 4 and 5T...although he still fits perfectly fine in 3T swim trunks.
Shoe Size 12
His favorite toys are his Legos and Leappad games.
He drew a picture on a candle for me for Mother's Day.  This was extra special because he NEVER draws pictures.

We don't eat at McD's much, but the last time I took him he was able to eat 10 McNuggets and some fries..yummy unhealthy stuff.  He can eat more than me for some meals.  The kids meals at some places aren't really enough food for him.

Kayla - Age 3.5

Height 38 inches
Weight 28 lbs
Shirt Size 2T-4T
Dress and Pants Size 2T and 3T
Shorts Size 18 months to 2T.  I put 24 month shorts on her yesterday and they fell off while she was walking around.
Shoe Size 7, 7.5, sometimes 8
Girl clothes seem to vary a lot based on the brand which makes it hard to figure out what size to get.  She's my little doll that I like to dress up all the time.

She's pretty excited about being able to reach the water fountain now.

Kayla enjoys playing pretend.  Her favorite movies are Frozen and Pirate Fairy.  She goes around the house stomping her feet to turn the ground to ice and throwing imaginary pixie dust at us.  When she's not playing pretend, she's doing her doll's hair or doing art.

She is still very sweet and always happy.  She loves hugs and wants to be treated like a baby a lot.  She also likes to be helpful around the house.  She enjoys putting laundry away and folding towels.

Kayla missed almost 2 months of school due to her heart surgery, but finally went back 3 weeks after surgery.  She is doing really well.  She is still figuring out how much energy she has now.  You can see her face light up when she realizes what she can do now.  It makes me happy that we decided to move her surgery up earlier instead of waiting until summer.

I signed up both kids for swimming and a fit kidz class at the gym.  We're going to have a busy and fun summer.  :)

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