10 April 2014

We're Home

We've been home for a few days.  Kayla is getting better everyday.  

Kayla has been a great napper.  The meds make Kayla and Chris tired. haha.  Chris has been getting up early and giving her the meds. He's such a great dad.  

We weren't able to get her the sodium chloride prescription until Tuesday night.  I went to the store to find some salty snacks that weren't too fattening.  I found these pretzel crisps that had a ton.  Unfortunately, Kayla prefers sweet snacks.  David loves the salty.  I made a super salty popcorn snack that Kayla wouldn't eat, but David loved it.
 Thanks to Chris's team at work for sending us a cheesecake!  We all loved it.
It's always easier to take great pics of the kids when there's cake involved. :)

We enjoyed the warm weather today.  

It's so great to see Kayla playing outside.  She is doing so well.  I think she is still a bit sore around her chest.  The scar on her chest is healing nicely.    I haven't really heard any heavy breathing from her like she was doing before surgery.  I'm so glad to see her with energy.  Chris and I are amazed at the improvement that she's made from just being at home.  I never would have thought that she would be on her bike or plasma car 2 weeks after surgery.

She still hates taking her meds.  Yesterday she threw up after we had dinner at just mentioning having to take them..  We hadn't even started giving them to her yet. 
We've been figuring out ways to get her to take her meds.  For example, today I mixed her sodium chloride (salt) in her milk with a packet of carnation breakfast essentials.  I let her pick the flavor at the store, so it made her happier when she was drinking it.  She had the rest of her sodium chloride in chicken soup that I made for lunch and dinner.  Yesterday, she finally started eating regular amounts of food.  I think today was her first day eating normally without any vomit.  Yay! :)

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