17 April 2014

Pediatrician Visit

A nurse called me earlier this week.  Since we got discharged on a Sunday, they missed that we were supposed to be scheduled for a pediatrician followup and that Kayla has to have lab work often because of one of her medications.

Kayla's nurse said Kayla's lips were the pinkest she'd ever seen them.  :)  Her pulse ox was 91, weight 27.7 lbs, and height 36.5"

We listened to Frozen music while we waited for the doctor.
Luckily, they have a machine that can check her levels with just a finger poke.  She cried as soon as she saw the lady put gloves on.  She used to do the same when she was a baby.  
Afterwards, she got a pink band-aid and was able to get a prize from the treasure box.
Here's a pic of Kayla's breakfast.  Kayla's next cardiology visit is on Wednesday.  Hopefully, we'll be able to get rid of 4 of those medications.  
Scars 3 weeks post fontan

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