02 April 2014

Hospital Day 9 - (7 days post-op)

Today was another rough day. Early in the morning Kayla complained of pain in her stomach.  The doctors thought she was just constipated.  Kayla's heart rate has been extremely high all day. By 5 PM she was mostly unresponsive and had slept all day. The doctors performed an EKG.  The EKG showed that she has Junctional Ectopic Tachycardia (JET).  It is a known complication for her surgery, but isn't supposed to happen this many days after surgery.  It isn't a good thing when the cardiologist paces nervously in front of your room. She is getting medicine in her IV to return her heart rate to normal and she is back on oxygen.  I was surprised that almost immediately after she got oxygen, her mood changed.  She had more energy and was talking more.

Kayla is still throwing up almost every time she gets meds.  We are constantly trying to give her meds or clean up vomit.

The nurses needed to clean out the line going into her neck.  Chris held Kayla down for over 20 minutes while they cleaned it.  Then they noticed that the stitches holding the line into her neck had come undone.  Chris kept Kayla from touching her neck for over an hour while they found a doctor to put the stitches back in her neck.  It took 2 nurses and Chris to hold Kayla down while putting the stitches back in.

Now it is time to give Kayla more meds.

Thanks to her school for sending these balloons.  She loves them.

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