01 April 2014

Hospital Day 8

Kayla is getting better everyday.  Today she enjoyed playing with play-doh in the play room.

 She got a cute monkey from her nana, puppup, and David.
 One of Nana's friends came to visit and brought us some delicious yogurt.
 She got an echo.
She got some more gifts and helped write some thank you cards.

Our days are pretty busy.  It seems like we're constantly giving meds, cleaning up vomit, having nurses come into get her stats, doing respiratory treatments, taking her potty, feeding her, trying to get her to do some activity, or get her to sleep.

Here's a video of her getting a respiratory treatment.

The doctor still wants Kayla to be able to walk around more.  We're also staying until they figure out the right dosage of coumadin. She will have to be on this for 6 months after we go home.  

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