04 April 2014

Hospital Day 11

It's been a sleepy day.  Kayla slept most of the day.  She was catching up on much needed rest and was more awake in the afternoon.  She still didn't have any energy to walk around, so we colored in bed and watched a lot of TV.  She still didn't each much either.  Around 8pm, the nurse came to flush out her IV lines and give her Zofran which helps with her tummy.  Unfortunately, it seemed to hurt her real bad and she started screaming in pain that her tummy hurt for about 5 minutes.  It looked more painful than the pain she was in a couple days ago.  It's tough to see her like that.   However, she seemed fine after a few minutes and then fell asleep.

Kayla with her regular cardiologist.  We were fortunate that he was on the schedule this week.

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