27 March 2014

Hospital Day 3

In the morning the bleeding had significantly slowed down and Kayla's blood pressure was better.  The doctors said she most likely wouldn't need surgery.  

Kayla has 3 chest tubes that drain fluids.  This pic was taken last night.  Notice how red they are.

These measure the output of the chest tubes.
They are a bit worried about her lungs and started respiratory treatments. Kayla seemed to like it and the respiratory specialist said it feels like a massage.

 Almost every time Kayla has woken up, she always ask for water.  I was glad to finally be able to give her some ice chips.
 Kalya had her RA line removed from her heart. This line was used to measure blood pressure and give her medicine. 

The place with all the blood is where the line was removed.  Notice that the chest tubes are a lighter color now.  They'll need to be almost clear before they remove them.
She got an echo before and after the RA line was removed to make sure there was no extra fluid around her heart.
Our nurse Brandi for today :)

They also removed the catheter.  She refuses to pee in a pull-up, so we were able to get her out of bed and sit on a potty.  They've given her lasix to help her pee more.  However, she wasn't able to go on her first try.

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