26 March 2014

Hospital - Day 1 - The EP Study

We're back in Little Rock for Kayla's Fontan surgery.  We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 11:00 a.m., so we left the house around 6:20 a.m. and arrived in Little Rock around 10:00 a.m.  When we got there, we checked in, did some paperwork, and then sat in the big waiting room in the ambulatory surgery center.

They got her stats (height 37 inches, 27.7 pounds, 73 pulse ox).  Then, we went to another room to wait for her procedure.
The cardiac cath procedure was a little different this time and is called an electrophysiology study (EP study). Kayla's EKG shows extra electrical pathways which could cause Tachycardia.  Tachycardia is a very fast heart rate which could potentially be dangerous. This procedure had to be done before her Fontan because the surgery will remove the blood veins used to get to the heart. 

They started the procedure around 1:30 p.m. and called to give us updates every couple hours.  The procedure lasted 4 hours.  

Kayla was happy going in.  I guess her last heart cath wasn't too bad for her.

The EP study showed that Kayla has two extra pathways on the outside of her heart.  The doctor tried to remove these pathways for 4 hours. Because of the difficult location of these pathways they could not be removed.  The good news is that the doctor could not cause tachycardia.  She is considered to be at a low risk for tachycardia, so we are able to proceed with the Fontan surgery today.

Kayla had just woken up when we got to see her.

She was super hungry and chose a green popsicle.  She said it tasted like strawberries.

We moved to our room for the night and they took a couple x-rays.

She did well most of the night.  Since she hadn't eaten all day, she was starving.  Unfortunately, the anesthesia made her nauseous.  She threw up the popsicle and jello.  The nurse requested some meds to reduce the nausea, but she fell asleep before we were able to get her any.  The nurse was able to give her some jello around 11:30pm, but she couldn't consume anything else after midnight due to having surgery in the morning.  

Around 3:30a.m. she woke up and needed to pee.  This was a little difficult because she was still connected to a bunch of stuff. She refused to go in her pull up, so we had to get the nurse to show us how to move everything around to get to the toilet. Afterwards, she watched some Winnie the Pooh on Dad's ipad and fell back to sleep.

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