02 February 2014

It's February

I went to observe Kayla one day at school.  There's a little room outside the class where I can view the kids.  They can't see us, but we can see them.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see much because she was doing her lessons in the back of the class behind some bookshelves.  However, I did get to catch a glimpse of one thing she was doing...
 I think she was doing the hand washing lesson.  I think she was cleaning up after her lesson.  Instead of pouring the water into the bucket, she missed and got the floor. Haha...glad I didn't have to clean that mess.  :)
 Since I couldn't see much of what Kayla was doing, I went over to observe David.  He was polishing leaves.  This involved cleaning each leaf on the plant with a q-tip.  
Kayla had a dentist appointment this week.  She chose bubble gum toothpaste.  She kept licking the toothpaste off her teeth as the lady was cleaning.  Haha.
 Now she likes playing with her dentist barbies that she got for her birthday.  
 She also likes doing Barbie's hair. 
 I was impressed that she knew how to put Barbie's hair into a pony tail.
Although Kayla's favorite activity is cutting with scissors.  
She does this everyday.  Little tiny pieces of paper everywhere!  She LOVES to cut paper.  She also loves coloring.
 We play dress up too.

We got several inches of snow today.  The kids begged to go outside.
 So we did.  We made snow angels, cleared the driveway, and sled down.

We're hoping the snow clears up tomorrow, so we can drive to Little Rock.  Kayla is scheduled for a cardiac catheterization procedure on Tuesday at the children's hospital.  This will help the doctors determine what all needs to be done for her next surgery this year.  

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