25 February 2014

Dentist Visit

About a few days after Kayla had her cardiac catheterization procedure, we noticed that one of her bottom teeth was discolored.  I thought it might be wiggling, so I scheduled her an appointment for the dentist.  One of her top front teeth had been chipped recently, and I was worried that she had fallen badly and hurt the bottom tooth too.  Around age 2-3, David had several bad falls on his front teeth which is why those are now gone.  I was really worried that I'd have two kids with missing teeth.  However, the discolored tooth appeared to be a result of her cardiac cath.  It is one of the risks of doing the procedure because she had to be intubated.  

Fortunately, the dentist said it doesn't look like there was anything wrong for now.  It is possible that it will go away or get worse.  We will just have to wait and see.  We have another appointment in several weeks to check.

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