16 September 2013

School has Started!

David has gone back to school.  He is still at the same Montessori school in the same class as last year.

The first week was a little rough for him.
The first day he sprained his ankle.  He was limping when he got to the van, but he was excited that I let him lay on the couch and watch tv all afternoon.  The next day it was still a little bruised, but didn't hurt anymore. However, he got stung by something on his arm and it swelled up big.  The next day something stung him around his eye and swelled up the next morning.  :(  However, he's been doing great since then and loves going.

Kayla and I keep busy most mornings.  After drop off, I usually work out.

I've been running a lot trying to lose some weight.  When I run around the neighborhood, I try to get about 4 miles of running and about 1.5 miles walking in about 1 hour.

Kayla loves riding in the stroller while I run in the mornings.  A little conversation that we had one day:
Kayla:  Are we going running today?
Me:  No.  I'm tired.
Kayla:  Please Oh Please!!
Me:  No
Kayla:  PLEASE!!!
Me.:  Ok
After running 2 miles, I decide to slow down and walk.
Kayla:  Mommy, why are you not running?
Me:  I'm tired.  I need to rest a little bit.
Kayla:  No!  Rest at home.  Resting outside is no fair.
Me:  Ok.  Running now.

David and Kayla did soccer class last month, so we continued soccer class for her.  She loves going, but gets a little bit tired at times when the coach has the kids run around the room several times.
  We play outside a lot and love playing with our neighbors.

  We go shopping and hangout with Old Navy models.
 Kayla loves shopping and picking out clothes.  
We also love story time at the library and doing the craft afterwards.  :)

Some fun pictures that I took of the kids around the Rogers downtown area.

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