17 August 2013

Summer Cardiology Appointments

Summer is going by fast!  Having two kids at home makes it hard to do any updates to the blog.  Kayla had her bi-yearly checkup this month.  This is the first time that she has had a separate appointment to do the echo.  This was also the first time that David has ever gone to any of Kayla's cardiology appointments.  
 The kids were quite entertained with all the fun toys in the waiting room.
 They checked all the normal stats.  Her pulse ox was 87 here.  That's quite high for her.
 Kayla was the best she's ever been during an echo.  This is the first time that she laid still for one of these.  Both kids got to watch Winnie the Pooh...it might have been their first time watching a VHS!

Here's what the echo kind of looks like.  They put gel on their wand and have to place it move her in different positions to see different parts.

 The next week we had our cardiology appointment.  This is a cute photo of Kayla.  She put on her sunglasses and said, "Aren't I like super stylish?"

 More fun in the waiting area.  This time Dad came with us.

 We thought we might have to wait a long time because the doctor's plane hadn't arrived yet.  I came prepared with their leap pads to play with, but made them pose for a pic before getting them :)
 David is more into it than Kayla.
 Kayla is doing really well.  Her pulse ox was 86 on this day.  She weighed 11.6 kg and was 88.6 cm tall.  This checkup was probably the easiest ever.  It helps that she is older and can communicate and that the weather is nice and warm.  :)
First time getting a pic with Kayla's cardiologist.  He is really great and we always love seeing him.

He said her next surgery is based on whenever we feel the time is right.  I think we might plan for next summer when there's no school.