26 April 2013

My 4.5 Year Old Boy

My oldest is 4.5 years old.  David's favorite part is that he no longer has to be a napper at school and gets to do afternoon class. 
 Loves going for donuts on Saturday mornings.
 He helped me make this shirt. He picked out the dinosaurs and what it was going to say.  It also says RAWR!! on the back.  :)
 He is sweet to sister and even shares his yogurt.
He loves going swimming.  He is currently taking 2 classes a week.  I'm hoping he'll be able to swim without floaties this summer.

His favorite subjects in school include math and geography.  I'm finally starting to see interesting work coming home in David's bag:

 Math in preschool?  I don't think I did any of this until I was in first grade. 
He brings home random little booklets.. Each page has a different part of the first picture colored with the part labeled.  
 I was super impressed by this map that he brought home one day.  They call it a pricking map.  He pricked around each state and glued it on to the paper.

36 lbs.
3 ft 6 inches tall
Size 10 shoes
Size 4T in pants and shirts

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