03 April 2013

Easter and some pics

 I haven't updated in a while, so here's some pics of the kids if that's what you're here for.  :)
I made the heart/kk on her shirt with a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint.  :)
I like to take pics of my kids eating healthy, so I can show them later what a wonderful mom I was.  Haha :)
 Kayla's silly face

One weekend in Arkansas you get nice warm weather to wear shorts (photo above)...the next weekend you have to break out your winter coat and rainboots for an Easter Egg Hunt:
 This Easter Egg Hunt we were FREEZING cold.  It was drizzly outside which made this event less crowded.  It was super fun because there were plenty of eggs for everyone.  :)
 The next weekend was warm again for Easter :)

 We did an Easter egg hunt at our house with some neighbors.  Kids loved it.

Kayla with her best friends :)

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