28 April 2013

My 2.5 Year Old Girl

My girl is 2.5 Years old!

She figured out how to use the potty during Easter weekend.  One day when it was warm I decided not to put a onesie on her for layering.  So I put a pull up on her and told her to let me know when she needed to go.  Before naptime, she said she had to go and from then on she had it figured out. Seriously.  It was like no work at all.  When people said girls are easier, I didn't know it was going to be that easy.  She is the sweetest and easiest child to care for.  

She is quite the talker.  She is always asking "What are you doing?", "What did you say?", or "Where are we going?!!".  She also likes to ask Why? alot.  
Most mornings after I drop off David at school, she goes with me to the gym.  She enjoys playing there and one day a week we do the Moms and Tots class.

She loves her purses/bags and has quite the collection.  Most days when she plays she grabs all her bags and stuffs them with toys and random things.  Then, she takes them out and puts them back in.  She likes her kitchen and enjoys pretending to cook and make us food.  
A lot of times when I get the camera out, she says "stop taking my picture!", but she enjoys getting her picture taken with the toy camera by David (above).

She is very social and smiles at everyone.  Everyone loves being around her because she's so sweet.
She will try to eat almost everything.  However, she doesn't seem to like the same foods that David likes.  For example, David loves eggs for breakfast, but Kayla doesn't.  Kayla loves oatmeal, but David doesn't.. These kids like making meals a challenge for me.  :)

She loves to scribble with crayons and markers
Cleaning with her vacuum is another favorite activity.  Whenever someone is vacuuming, she always rushes to her vacuum and vacuums along with us.
She loves wearing her rain gear and shopping.

24.6 lbs
34.5 inches
Wears 24 Month, 2T, and sometimes 3T shirts
18-24 Month bottoms

26 April 2013

My 4.5 Year Old Boy

My oldest is 4.5 years old.  David's favorite part is that he no longer has to be a napper at school and gets to do afternoon class. 
 Loves going for donuts on Saturday mornings.
 He helped me make this shirt. He picked out the dinosaurs and what it was going to say.  It also says RAWR!! on the back.  :)
 He is sweet to sister and even shares his yogurt.
He loves going swimming.  He is currently taking 2 classes a week.  I'm hoping he'll be able to swim without floaties this summer.

His favorite subjects in school include math and geography.  I'm finally starting to see interesting work coming home in David's bag:

 Math in preschool?  I don't think I did any of this until I was in first grade. 
He brings home random little booklets.. Each page has a different part of the first picture colored with the part labeled.  
 I was super impressed by this map that he brought home one day.  They call it a pricking map.  He pricked around each state and glued it on to the paper.

36 lbs.
3 ft 6 inches tall
Size 10 shoes
Size 4T in pants and shirts

03 April 2013

Easter and some pics

 I haven't updated in a while, so here's some pics of the kids if that's what you're here for.  :)
I made the heart/kk on her shirt with a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint.  :)
I like to take pics of my kids eating healthy, so I can show them later what a wonderful mom I was.  Haha :)
 Kayla's silly face

One weekend in Arkansas you get nice warm weather to wear shorts (photo above)...the next weekend you have to break out your winter coat and rainboots for an Easter Egg Hunt:
 This Easter Egg Hunt we were FREEZING cold.  It was drizzly outside which made this event less crowded.  It was super fun because there were plenty of eggs for everyone.  :)
 The next weekend was warm again for Easter :)

 We did an Easter egg hunt at our house with some neighbors.  Kids loved it.

Kayla with her best friends :)