03 November 2012

2 Year Old Kayla

Things Kayla is able to do now... 
  • She talks a lot for a 2 year old.  I think the last update I said she was behind because she barely seemed to say any words, but as soon as I said that it seemed like she figured out how to talk overnight.  She can say long sentences like 'I want more chicken please mommy.'  , I go outside, I'm cold, I need jacket. I want go class too.  I turn light off.  Where did daddy go?
  • Her favorite song is probably the Wheels on the Bus. She also loves Rock A Bye Baby.  She likes to say Rock Baby which means she wants us to pick her up and rock her while singing the song.  
  • She loves carrying around a purse or a toy phone.
  • She can dance and run, but doesn't quite know how to jump yet.
  • She's a big fan of Barney, Winnie the Pooh, and Hello Kitty.  I think daycare must have got her started on Barney because we never showed that to her. 
  • She can point and say all of the main body parts, animals and animal sounds. 
  • She knows the difference between hot/cold and wet/dry.  
  • She likes washing her hands.
  • She can blow her nose.  She can blow into a whistle.
  • She shows interest in potty training.  I really think we could have potty trained her months ago, but Chris and I would rather just change her diapers.  Ha! We are lazy.  Potty training David was a long process.  Maybe Kayla will just potty train herself.  We have placed the singing potty out and she has actually told us several times when she's needed to go and used it correctly.  Most of the time she lets us know when she has pooped her diaper, so that we can change it.
  • She isn't able to recognize colors yet.  When I ask her what color something is, she usually replies with green.
  • She naps about 1-2 hours a day.  She goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:40-7am.
  • Stopped breastfeeding a couple months ago!  Yay.  For a while, we still breastfed at night before she went to sleep.

  • Clothes Size:  18 months.  Growing out of some 18 month shirts and starting to wear 24m and 2T.

  • size 4 diaper
  • Shoe size:  5
  • Weight: ~32 inches
  • Height: ~22 lbs
  • Pulse Ox:  Low 80s

She loves to look at animals, but if they get too close she gets scared.

 The Heart Update...

This a pic of Kayla with one of the twins that lives across the street.  The twins were born a few days after Kayla.  You can kind of see how 'blue' Kayla is especially when you compare their lip color.   Kayla's hands often feel cold when you touch her.  I dislike cold weather because she always looks bluer and she gets sick easier.

However, there's a lot of days that she barely looks like a blue baby.

A month after her cardiologist appointment in August, I received a call.  No news is good news, so I was hoping they were just calling to tell me that her next appointment was scheduled.  Unfortunately, they had found something on the EKG.  The cardiologist said something about 'extra electrical tissue around her heart'.  We have to make sure she doesn't have caffeine or stuff like psudoephedrine that might overstimulate her heart.  It's nothing that we really have to worry about for now, but they will have to check it more when they do her heart cath next year.

As Kayla gets bigger, we notice that she gets more tired easily.  Sometimes just running across the room will cause her to be out of breath.  I remember when David was 2, we could go on walks around the neighborhood.  Kayla could walk down one street, but then want to be carried.

 She's a super happy girl and loves to give everybody hugs.  She's a very normal 2 year old.

 For Halloween Kayla was a fairy.  I bought this tinkerbell costume and wings at the associate store some time this year.  I think she was super cute in it.  This was the first year that she got to go around the neighborhood.  She LOVED trick or treating and getting candy.  She's got a sweet tooth just like mommy.


  1. She is too cute in her costume! She's after my own heart, carrying a purse and phone around. I would have died for it when her age but my mom is very not girly!

  2. She is super sweet!!!!! Both she and you will be so happy you recorded such details of her at this age!!!

  3. I found your site when I was searching for more info on the Glenn. My daughter, Azalea, will have the surgery next week. Thank you so much for posting so much about Kayla's experience. It has been really helpful to me. May you all continue to be healthy and full of light.