31 August 2012

Last Day at Preschool

The kids had their last day at preschool today.
 Last day photo...Do they look excited? Sorry no fancy pinterest type photo with a chalkboard. lol

David only went for a few hours today because he had new student orientation at his new school and then we had a quality "Mommy/David day"  :)

We had a Chick Fil A lunch and then went shopping for shoes.. He has to have 4 pairs of shoes for his new school!  Rain boots, inside shoes, and 2 pairs of street shoes (one is a backup pair).  They recommended Toms shoes for the indoor shoes, so I went looking for some.  If you are searching in the Bentonville area, you will probably only find them at the Altar'd State store by Pottery Barn at the mall.  They didn't really have much selection, but they had David's size in a color that he liked (brown).  Yay!

We stopped by a couple toy stores.  Even though David rarely plays with his trains at home, he is still entertained by the train tables at toy stores.

Anyways, I told David to pick out a toy for Kayla's birthday.  He couldn't find anything, but saw a toy camera that he wanted.  Later when we went to a clothing store, he pointed at some bracelets and said Kayla would probably want those for her birthday.  He is so thoughtful.  Kayla loves her accessories.  She doesn't really have any favorite toys....except for her phones.  She loves carrying around purses, putting on bracelets, hair bow, hats, sunglasses, etc.  She sits in her tent singing and pretending to talk.  She likes to gather lots of toys and pile them all up in one spot.  We think she is going to be a hoarder.

We had lots of fun shopping in the rain.  David loved wearing his rain jacket and rain boots and splashing about.  He rarely gets to do that.
Kayla will be staying at home with me and David will be going to a new school. Since I'm not working any more, it took me a little bit to figure out what to do with David. I still wanted him to go to preschool since he's almost 4, but I wasn't sure about him going every day or all day.

So.... David will be going to a Montessori school.  David will be doing regular school hours (8am-3pm) on a regular school calendar.  So he has 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, spring break, and summer off.  From what we've seen of the school, we're very impressed and excited about it.

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