11 January 2012

Random Update

Kayla started off the year with ear infections.  The antibiotic that she got gave her an allergic reaction and she got a rash all over her body for almost a week!  The doctor prescribed her a new one, and she's all better now.  She did get her Synagis shot this week too.  I'm so glad that was easy to get this month. She had to get it a couple days late to wait for her rash to clear.  She weighed 19 pounds and was 28.5 inches tall :)
Wow...you can see Kayla's whole head now when she stands up in her crib instead of just her eyes and nose.  :)

David is showing us he is a "big boy" more each day.  We put away his "singing potty" on January 1.  He had gone a couple weeks without it, so we thought the 1st was a great day to put it away.  He can use a regular toilet without using a stool now.  The only help he needs is when he goes #2 to wipe his butt.  He still wears a pull up at night, but he keeps it dry most nights.  Another thing we have been doing is letting him use mouth wash every night.  I never would have thought of using it until I saw my nieces using it when they were visiting over the summer.

My new year resolutions are to eat healthier, find time to work out, and snack less.

I turned 30 last weekend.  :)

Chris is level 46 on Skyrim. haha.