03 November 2012

2 Year Old Kayla

Things Kayla is able to do now... 
  • She talks a lot for a 2 year old.  I think the last update I said she was behind because she barely seemed to say any words, but as soon as I said that it seemed like she figured out how to talk overnight.  She can say long sentences like 'I want more chicken please mommy.'  , I go outside, I'm cold, I need jacket. I want go class too.  I turn light off.  Where did daddy go?
  • Her favorite song is probably the Wheels on the Bus. She also loves Rock A Bye Baby.  She likes to say Rock Baby which means she wants us to pick her up and rock her while singing the song.  
  • She loves carrying around a purse or a toy phone.
  • She can dance and run, but doesn't quite know how to jump yet.
  • She's a big fan of Barney, Winnie the Pooh, and Hello Kitty.  I think daycare must have got her started on Barney because we never showed that to her. 
  • She can point and say all of the main body parts, animals and animal sounds. 
  • She knows the difference between hot/cold and wet/dry.  
  • She likes washing her hands.
  • She can blow her nose.  She can blow into a whistle.
  • She shows interest in potty training.  I really think we could have potty trained her months ago, but Chris and I would rather just change her diapers.  Ha! We are lazy.  Potty training David was a long process.  Maybe Kayla will just potty train herself.  We have placed the singing potty out and she has actually told us several times when she's needed to go and used it correctly.  Most of the time she lets us know when she has pooped her diaper, so that we can change it.
  • She isn't able to recognize colors yet.  When I ask her what color something is, she usually replies with green.
  • She naps about 1-2 hours a day.  She goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:40-7am.
  • Stopped breastfeeding a couple months ago!  Yay.  For a while, we still breastfed at night before she went to sleep.

  • Clothes Size:  18 months.  Growing out of some 18 month shirts and starting to wear 24m and 2T.

  • size 4 diaper
  • Shoe size:  5
  • Weight: ~32 inches
  • Height: ~22 lbs
  • Pulse Ox:  Low 80s

She loves to look at animals, but if they get too close she gets scared.

 The Heart Update...

This a pic of Kayla with one of the twins that lives across the street.  The twins were born a few days after Kayla.  You can kind of see how 'blue' Kayla is especially when you compare their lip color.   Kayla's hands often feel cold when you touch her.  I dislike cold weather because she always looks bluer and she gets sick easier.

However, there's a lot of days that she barely looks like a blue baby.

A month after her cardiologist appointment in August, I received a call.  No news is good news, so I was hoping they were just calling to tell me that her next appointment was scheduled.  Unfortunately, they had found something on the EKG.  The cardiologist said something about 'extra electrical tissue around her heart'.  We have to make sure she doesn't have caffeine or stuff like psudoephedrine that might overstimulate her heart.  It's nothing that we really have to worry about for now, but they will have to check it more when they do her heart cath next year.

As Kayla gets bigger, we notice that she gets more tired easily.  Sometimes just running across the room will cause her to be out of breath.  I remember when David was 2, we could go on walks around the neighborhood.  Kayla could walk down one street, but then want to be carried.

 She's a super happy girl and loves to give everybody hugs.  She's a very normal 2 year old.

 For Halloween Kayla was a fairy.  I bought this tinkerbell costume and wings at the associate store some time this year.  I think she was super cute in it.  This was the first year that she got to go around the neighborhood.  She LOVED trick or treating and getting candy.  She's got a sweet tooth just like mommy.

4 Year Old David

My 4 Year Old
 He's grown so fast.
 A few weeks ago, I told him I was sad because he was getting so big that I will have to start buying him clothes in the boys section instead of baby.  He looked at me very seriously and said, "Don't worry mom.  You can just have another one." 
Haha.  He really wants a baby brother, but we have no plans on having any more.

He loves his baby sister.

Shirt Size: 3T-4T
Pants Size: 3T-4T (His 3T are starting to get short)
Shoe Size: 10
Weight: 33.7 lbs
Height:  39.75" 
Unfortunately, since I had two kids at the doctor's office when I did their checkups, I forgot to get the printout with their percentiles.  But I think David was in the 30-40% in both height and weight.

Interview with David at Age 4
1. What is your favorite color? Blue
2. What is your favorite toy? Angry Birds
3. What is your favorite fruit? Cantaloupe 
4. What is your favorite tv show? Chuck and Friends
5. What is your favorite movie? Wall-E
6. What is your favorite thing to wear? Star Wars shirt (He likes this because Daddy loves Star Wars)
7. What is your favorite animal? Tiger and Lion
8. What is your favorite song? The continent song (Sings this song at school a lot)
9. What is your favorite book? Angry Birds Coloring Book
10. Who is your best friend? Daddy
11. What is your favorite snack? Cheese
12. What is your favorite drink? smoothies
13. What is your favorite breakfast? cereal bars (He's referring to the Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Granola bars that he's been eating this week)
14. What is your favorite lunch? sandwiches
15. What is your favorite dinner? catfish
16. What is your favorite game? angry birds
17. What is your favorite thing to play outside? playhouse
18. What is your favorite holiday? Mother's Day
19. What do you sleep with at night? Ducky
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Angry Bird

We don't really know why he's that fascinated by Angry Birds.  He's only played the game a few times.    He usually only gets 30 minutes of TV or game playing time a day.  This is usually at 5 everyday when I have to make dinner.  We make him clean up all his toys before he can watch tv. 

David loves coloring.  Lately, he's really into using markers and paints.  However, he doesn't really know how to draw much.  He can do circles and squares, but that's about it.  

He really likes helping with doing little projects around the house.  
He's really into legos and building things.  

He's fully potty trained with no pull up at night.  He normally picks out his own clothes and dresses himself in the morning. It's nice to have a baby sister because we always make it into a race to who gets dressed first.

He can get in the van and buckle himself into his carseat.

His new school has really been amazing for him.  Chris and I can really see a change in him after a little over a month.  It's nice to hear about the lessons/work that he does.  He does lots of table washing.  He also did button frame, zippers, and snaps.  Fun stuff!  I like how he does practical life things at school.  They've taught him how to wash his hands properly and cough into the inside of his elbow.  We've also noticed he has really wanted to help teach his sister how to do things. He has learned all the continents.  I wish that I had known about this school last year and gotten him in it.  

David chose to be a ghost this Halloween.  I'm pretty sure he's the only one I've ever seen.  He was worried that I wouldn't have his costume ready... I took a baseball cap and sewed it to the sheet so it would stay on his head and then cut eyes out.  It's probably one of the easiest costumes to make, so I didn't work on it until like 2 days before Halloween.

28 October 2012

Kayla's 2nd Birthday

Kayla turned 2 last week!  Yay!  I feel behind on the blog updates.  I'll do a separate update on both kids this week.  It's the only way I record how they're doing, so it's important. :)

I spent the day creating a birthday cake, cupcakes and hello kitty pop cakes!  I was super excited that I figured out how to make the frosting pretty on the cupcakes.  I even made the little cupcake toppers in photoshop.  

We had a lot of fun.  The kids were excited about this vacuum.   I hope they love to vacuum forever  :)

24 October 2012

David's 4th Birthday Celebration

Played with friends at Chuck E Cheese

Prize that we got with all the tickets.
David requested an Angry Birds cake.  This one is from Walmart.  :)
Blowing out the candle.  The first picture is the face David made while we sang the birthday song to him..
Family photo :)

23 September 2012

A New School

David's started a new school.  Does he look excited on his first day?  He was most excited about getting to play with new toys.  That bag next to him looks big, but it's actually quite small.  Everyone gets one and it has a folder, spare set of clothes/shoes, and a blanket for nap time.  I'm sure when the weather gets colder it will be overflowing.

The school has staggered start times for all new students.  This allows the teacher to have a little extra one on one time to spend with the new student.  David didn't get to start until almost 2 weeks after the first day of school.  So we took a small vacation to Kansas City for several days.  I had planned to blog about that, but I never found the time....David thinks I'm going to make a photo book for it like I did our last vacation.

We went to a school picnic over the weekend.  They had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new outdoor natural playground that they built.  Chris and I think the playground is quite amazing.  I think David would spend all day outside playing in the sand if he could.

  David loved showing us around.
There's a side for the bigger kids.  David loved the slide.
And a side for the smaller kids.  The toddler playground has some musical things that the kids can use too.

One of the cool things about the school is they encourage kids to play outside a lot.  They have an outdoor classroom and kids can even play when it's raining.  I know David did...because the second day of school was rainy and he fell in a puddle and his rain jacket, pants, and socks came back in a bag all soaked in mud.

Drop off and pick up makes me nervous because I have to do it at a scheduled time.  They get David out of the car at 8 and put him back in at 3.  I don't want to know what happens if I'm late.  It's kind of nice because at his old school, David would cling to me for several minutes every morning before I could go.  However,  I kind of miss being able to pick him up from his class and seeing him interact with the other kids and getting to match a name to a face.  They say the first couple weeks is normalization period.  Afterwards, there is a special room with a one way mirror that we can go and observe the class to see what they are up to without the kids knowing we're watching.  I'm hoping David will love this new school.

31 August 2012

Last Day at Preschool

The kids had their last day at preschool today.
 Last day photo...Do they look excited? Sorry no fancy pinterest type photo with a chalkboard. lol

David only went for a few hours today because he had new student orientation at his new school and then we had a quality "Mommy/David day"  :)

We had a Chick Fil A lunch and then went shopping for shoes.. He has to have 4 pairs of shoes for his new school!  Rain boots, inside shoes, and 2 pairs of street shoes (one is a backup pair).  They recommended Toms shoes for the indoor shoes, so I went looking for some.  If you are searching in the Bentonville area, you will probably only find them at the Altar'd State store by Pottery Barn at the mall.  They didn't really have much selection, but they had David's size in a color that he liked (brown).  Yay!

We stopped by a couple toy stores.  Even though David rarely plays with his trains at home, he is still entertained by the train tables at toy stores.

Anyways, I told David to pick out a toy for Kayla's birthday.  He couldn't find anything, but saw a toy camera that he wanted.  Later when we went to a clothing store, he pointed at some bracelets and said Kayla would probably want those for her birthday.  He is so thoughtful.  Kayla loves her accessories.  She doesn't really have any favorite toys....except for her phones.  She loves carrying around purses, putting on bracelets, hair bow, hats, sunglasses, etc.  She sits in her tent singing and pretending to talk.  She likes to gather lots of toys and pile them all up in one spot.  We think she is going to be a hoarder.

We had lots of fun shopping in the rain.  David loved wearing his rain jacket and rain boots and splashing about.  He rarely gets to do that.
Kayla will be staying at home with me and David will be going to a new school. Since I'm not working any more, it took me a little bit to figure out what to do with David. I still wanted him to go to preschool since he's almost 4, but I wasn't sure about him going every day or all day.

So.... David will be going to a Montessori school.  David will be doing regular school hours (8am-3pm) on a regular school calendar.  So he has 1 week for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, spring break, and summer off.  From what we've seen of the school, we're very impressed and excited about it.

08 August 2012

Cardiology Appointment

Kayla has a cardiology appointment every 6 months.  She had one today and did great even though we were there for 3 hours.  That's a long time trying to entertain a toddler at a doctor's office, so I took lots of pictures.

They actually have quite a bit of stuff to keep the kids entertained in the waiting room. 

 Look at that awesome drawing that Kayla did!!  Haha.  Just kidding.  That drawing was there from someone else.  All Kayla can do now is dots and random scribbling.  
 Having lunch.  Snack food... I was hoping we wouldn't be there long and we wouldn't have to eat there.  I don't know why I think such things... We're almost always there for hours.
 Picture of her getting her pulse ox.  It was in the low 80s.  She was 78.2cm long...which is almost 31 inches.    I wasn't able to remember what she weighed or what her blood pressure was.
 Getting an EKG.  I've never seen her get one at this clinic before.  The last time she got one was when she had surgery.

 Staring out the window.  We got some rain today.  Kayla pronounces it 'bain'

 Dancing to some music that I played on my iPhone.  :)
 Playing with some finger puppets.

 She was only amused with the iPhone for a little bit.  I think her brother not being there asking to play makes it less interesting.
 She got a gown for her echo...I put it on backwards.  She did really well.  The last time she had one, she was tired and cried a lot.  I had to have help holding her down.  This time she was happy and watched some Dora on the TV.  

Tired because she missed out on her usual nap time.  Unfortunately, I had to wake her up and she didn't want to take nap again.  

It's been a while since I did an update on how Kayla is doing.  She tires easier than a normal kid, but other that that she is doing great.  Her skin color is normal and she hasn't gotten sick or any ear infections this summer.  She is growing and has been bumped to half a baby aspirin instead of a 1/4th.  I give it to her every morning.  She thinks it's a vitamin because we give it to her the same time as David gets a vitamin.  Otherwise, David would want to have some aspirin or Kayla would want to have David's vitamin.

Her language skills aren't as great as David's were at the same age.  She isn't able to pronounce things well, but she definitely understands a lot.  She knows her body parts and animal sounds.  She's can eat with a fork and spoon.  She can drink from a glass, but still spills sometimes.  She eats well and will try just about anything.

She is wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 5 shoes, size 4 diapers.  I think we might start trying to potty train soon.  Lately, she keeps sticking her hand in her diaper when she poops.  When she is home, she always poops at nap time.  I think it's her way of getting out of having to take a longer nap. 

Here's Kayla's attempt at singing her ABC's.  

Everyone who sees Kayla says she is so sweet.  She is always smiling and in a good mood.  She loves to hug on people and loves attention.