01 August 2011

Approved for TEFRA

We got approved for TEFRA!  It is a form of Medicaid for children with complex medical needs.  We applied the beginning of February when Kayla had her surgery and didn't get news that we had been approved until early June.  The good news about it taking so long is that we didn't have to pay the premiums for it until it was approved and it covers all the way back to Kayla's birth date.  Although, I already paid most of those bills... Anyway, I see it as another form of insurance since we still have to pay for it every month.  Our company's insurance coverage isn't bad, but the out of pocket max is a lot and whatever our insurance doesn't cover TEFRA should cover it.  I figured out that the amount that I have to pay per year for TEFRA, is the same amount as our deductible for our regular insurance.  I'm hoping it helps out with the Synagis shots that will cost thousands of dollars this winter.

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