15 June 2011

Why?? ... Why?? ... Why??

David has started asking Why? after everything.  I knew it was going to come, I was hoping it would be later.  It's a little annoying.  I guess I should just be thankful that he doesn't say huh? all the time anymore.  
David fell on his face at preschool yesterday.  Ouch!  It looks worse today than it did yesterday.

 Kayla has been breathing heavily lately.  She's also been making a weird gasping noise a lot.  So, we took her to the cardiologist today.  The doctor says this is all normal for a baby in her condition.  We got to see our regular cardiologist this time who always has a very positive attitude about everything.  He said we didn't need to worry about anything.  If you look at her, she looks normal.  The only thing we'll start to notice is that she'll start turning bluer around age 3-6.  Then, she'll need another surgery.

Her pulse ox was 83 and blood pressure was in the 90s.