03 March 2011

Check Ups This Week

Kayla had her first post op check up with the cardiologist in Little Rock at the clinic.  I keep forgetting to take a picture of her with the cardiologist.  Kayla is doing great.  She doesn't have to take Enalapril anymore for her high blood pressure.  They did an echo and said she doesn't have any more fluid around the heart, so she only has to take Lasix once a day until next week.  We're excited about taking less medications!  They didn't seem too concerned about the lack of weight gain.  Some babies lose weight after surgery, and it takes a few weeks to start gaining back.  They suggested starting her on cereal to get more calories.  The next visit to see a cardiologist will be in 3 months and we'll get to go to the Lowell clinic that is close to us.

Kayla also had her 4 month check up with the pediatrician.  
Weight 11 lbs 8 oz, Height 22.5 inches, Head Circumference 38.25 cm

He was a little more concerned about her weight gain and said we would need to see him again next month for a weight check.  If she isn't doing better, he said we might have to get some high calorie stuff to mix with the breast milk for her.  However, he said gaining too much weight could also be a sign of heart failure.   I guess that's why the cardiologist didn't seem that concerned about her weight gain. 
She also had her 4 month shots and the Synagis shot.  She was fussy afterwards and went to bed that night a lot earlier than she normally does.
 Since we moved the David to his new train bed, we moved the mattress up on the crib and put the mobile in for her.  She's not sleeping in the crib yet.  I tried to get her to nap in it once, but she kept waking up.  She stays asleep longer in her swing for naps.
 She likes to play with her hands a lot.
 I only put bows on her for pictures.  :)
Lately, she's been sticking out her tongue a lot.  :-p

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  1. Oh my goodness, she's adorable!!!!! I wanna pinch her!!! All my babies slept for the first 6 months in their swings because it was the ONLY place they'd get good sleep. They even napped in the swings. I remember feeling guilty and asking our pedi about it and his answer was, "Let them sleep wherever they sleep best!!"

    Thanks for the follow! Following you now too!