13 January 2011

Surgery Date

We got a call from the nurse at the children's hospital today. Kayla's Glenn surgery is scheduled for February 3. She had originally tried to schedule it on February 22, but we had to go back and forth on the date because we had been under the impression that Kayla needed it sooner. I had to explain to her that Kayla didn't have the first surgery that is normally done and that we had been waiting until she turned 3 months old to get the Glenn. She'd be 4 months old on February 22. She emailed our cardiologist and he agreed, so it was moved up. She said she would mail me a packet with the details. The day before surgery we will have to be at the clinic at 8:30am, and she said they would take all day running tests on her. The next day she'd need to be there at 9:30am and she'll probably have her surgery around 11am.

Other news...
Chris talked to daycare and apparently David has been peeing and pooping in the potty there almost everyday. They put him on the toilet every 2 hours. We get a little sheet everyday from them on his activities and just thought that when they wrote potty on it that it meant that he was sitting on it. According to his daycare reports, he has actually done something about once a day and it's usually in the afternoon. All he ever does at home is sit on it, but we're always watching him trying to encourage him to pee or poop. They told us that the trick with David is that he doesn't like to be watched. So they stand outside the door and listen to him. I guess we'll have to try that this weekend.

We had a snow day this week...like one inch of snow and the schools and daycare was closed. So here's another video....I actually added music at the end. :)

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