15 December 2010

Another Echo

Height:  51.5 cm
Weight:  4.1 kg
Oxygen Saturation:  85%

Kayla hadn't pooped almost an entire week, but as soon as we take her to the doctor and have to weigh her she lets it all out.  It was a big mess, but it was the reason why her weight was lower than what we weighed her at home before we left.  We love going to the clinic in Lowell.  The doctor is nicer and seems more optimistic.  He was the first doctor that Chris talked to after Kayla was born at the children's hospital.  The wait time there also seems to be less.  

Kayla still appears to be doing okay.  She was wide awake during the whole echo and didn't cry at all.  We have another appointment the next time the doctor is here on January 5.  He thinks we might be able to schedule her surgery in the next visit.  From reading other blogs and forums online, the earliest they do the Glenn surgery is when the baby is 10 pounds.  So she should be around that weight when she is 3 months old.  

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