11 November 2010

3 Weeks Old

Since the pediatrician said she was growing slowly, I started worrying about how much she was eating everyday.  I ordered this Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale so I could weigh her daily and also weigh her before/after feedings to see how much she was getting.  Last night and this morning it said she weighed 7lbs exactly.  We'll have to see what she weighs on Monday at the pediatrician's office to see if there is a difference in our scales. 

Amazon sent the scale in this huge box...I wonder when David will start outgrowing them.  :)
We got a call from the cardiology clinic on Monday telling us that insurance had approved the home surveillance equipment.  Someone delivered a pulse oximeter so that we could measure Kayla everyday.  It measures her heart rate and oxygen saturation.  We were surprised at the monthly cost of it...$450.  I googled the price to buy and it was a little over $500... somebody is making some $$$.  

I wish I had written more about David in the blog when he was younger, but at least there's plenty of pictures.  If you don't count Kayla's stay at the children's hospital, I think David had actually been to the doctor's office more by this age because he had jaundice.  I decided to put Kayla in the same outfit and try to pose her the same so we could see the differences between the babies at 3 weeks.  Check out the blog post for David at 3 weeks old.  He weighed over a pound more than Kayla at 3 weeks...
so sleepy
not excited about tummy time


  1. Well, if you purchase a pulse oximeter, you would have to calibrate it once a year and that cost $$$. With a rental, you know it is extremely accurate and you have the safety net of getting an "exchange" if it doesn't work.

  2. true...we almost had to exchange it because it seemed to be getting low readings even on me. But we changed the batteries and it seems to be ok now.