02 October 2010

New Due Date

We went to Little Rock again this week to get another echo and ultrasound.  Our appointment was at 9:30, but we got there at 8:50 and they actually had us in the room at 9:00!  We were glad we didn't have to wait too long, but then they took 1.5 hours doing the echo.  Then another 30 minutes doing the ultrasound.  They didn't really find much different this time.  Instead of pulmonary atresia the doctor said it was pulmonary stenosis.  Which is where a tiny amount of blood flows out instead of nothing.  However, she still has tricuspid atresia.  I don't think they'll really have a good idea until she is born.  Since she is bigger now, there appeared to be shadows and stuff that made it hard to see.  The ultrasound went well in that her other parts seem fine.  They have scheduled me to be induced on October 25th, so I'll have another October baby.  After the ultrasounds, we went to the children's hospital for a tour of the parts that we'll most likely be spending a lot of time in.  We got to see the CVICU, NICU, waiting room, and lactation room.

We plan on moving to Little Rock next week just in case I go into labor earlier.  David was born at 37 weeks because my water broke.  If that happened here, they said they'd probably have to send a helicopter for me to deliver in Little Rock.  I have started my leave of absence from work and Chris plans on working remotely.  David's last day of daycare and my last day of work were on Thursday.  I'll probably be on leave until after she has her 2nd surgery which is probably at least 6 months.  However, I think David will probably go back to daycare when we're back home again.
Family photo before we leave


  1. You precious dear ones! You have been in our prayers and will continue. Please know that we are here to do whatever we can. We have placed you in God's hands to give you strength and for his grace in bringing your little one into this world. He will be with you always. We love you all!
    Jan and Tory

  2. We will be thinking of you guys. I love the picture with David's hand on your belly. Please let us know if you guys need anything. We will be praying for your sweet little girl.